Kat Peters-Midland art


I love the relationship that glass has with light.  When I create in glass, my intent is to play on its ability to reflect light, and its ability to be illuminated by light, mirroring the ability we have as human beings…


…I also love to allow spaces of translucency in my glass art as a metaphor for our ability to see beyond the surface of what is in front of us…and our search for clarity.  

My creative process in glass involves many steps…I paint acrylic abstracts so I think like a painter when I work with glass.  I first start out with creating the underpainting with crushed glass and glass paints and then fire.  After it has cooled, I add more crushed glass, paints and other things for the second layer, then fire.  So I will go thru this process sometimes up to 4 or 5 times, allowing the piece to reveal itself.

After I know what the piece wants to be, then I start thinking like an architect or engineer – I look at color, line, shape, saturation of color and composition.  So my piece can go through a few more firings to add those things to make the piece more interesting.  Once I get the imagery as it’s to be,  I  add clear baubles that I have made, to add some texture and visual interest and fire once more.  If the piece is to be a bowl, platter, leaf, or a curvy sculptural wall piece, I fire it once more to get the shape I want it.