Arists in Dreamland 2011 is a go!

I’m so excited to have so many awesome, talented artists who are interested in doing Artists in Dreamland in May. So far we have: Star Edwards, Dee Dee Hampton, Suzy Foy, Shari Southard, Karen Endres, Mary McCauley, Gale Whitman, Laurie Gudim, Fran Saperstein, Carrie Johansing-Heintzleman, and myself. I have asked three other artists to join us so stay tuned – we may have more!
and mysel

My latest dream-inspired mosaic is home!

A friend bought this mosaic at the Fine and Funky Art Boutique in early December and I delivered it just a few days ago. I’m so glad that my friend has this piece – it is very personal and important to me. It is in a house full of beautiful and elegant art which is awesome! A picture of this mosaic is coming soon.

The dream story behind this particular mosaic: The night my eldest son announced that he had joined the Army, I had a dream of water rushing down the mountain as I was floating in the air. I tried to rush home as fast as I could (using my hands to push myself to float home faster) to warn others of the impending disaster, and to make sure my kids are safe. When I got home, everything was ok, my kids were ok, and yet I knew the impending flood waters were coming.

Since my son’s announcement that he joined the Army, I have struggled with fear, anxiety and being overwhelmed because I didn’t (and still don’t) feel prepared to have a family member involved in the mess in Afghanistan and all of the possible consequences of being there. This dream certainly expressed those feelings and a sense of being disempowered.