Dream art: Transition

This piece I started probably 5 or 6 years ago, and then finally finished it for the first dream art exhibit at the Poudre River Arts Center Main Gallery, a show that I organized. It was based on a dream that I had the night before I went to see my friend in the hospital. I dreamed that a number of people and I were standing in a river, probably waist deep in the water. We were holding onto a body that was face down in the water. We let it go, and it floated out into the river and around the bend. I got very upset and anxious in the dream and ended it because I knew that this dream meant that someone close to me was going to die. Later that morning I went to visit my friend in the hospital and the memory of the dream came back to me as we were talking about her impending death. I realized that I had the dream preparing me for something I was consciously refusing to accept. The dream was a gift because I could be present with and for my friend as we talked about her reality. As I drove away from the hospital, I saw an image of what you see here. I sketched what I saw when I got home and knew that I was to make my first cement and mosaic sculpture based on a dream. It took me so long to start it and then finish it because how could I create something that I saw in a vision? I did the best I could.

Dream art: Angst

This clay sculpture is about 15 or 16 inches tall and it’s my attempt to create a Henry Moore-esque piece, to express the feelings of a dream I had while my daughter was preparing to go away to college. The details of the dream were’t very clear when I woke up and I mostly remembered the physical experience of turmoil in my midsection and the anguish I felt in the dream…and bracing for some kind of impact.

Dream art: Balance

This piece was created to express the feeling and experience of a dream I had probably 2 years ago. It was a dream of me standing at the edge of a balcony, looking down at the room below. The railing breaks away because I think I was climbing up on it, to try to launch myself to fly. I am really afraid and start to fall, then I take a huge deep breath and exhale and start to fly upwards. What a relief!

Dream art: Awakening

This piece was created expressing the energy and feeling of a dream I had over a year ago. I adorned the surface with green slip and then covered some of it with gold leaf and silver leaf (for balance of Feminine and Masculine energies), and leaving some of the raw clay to express our rawness when we dream – we dream exactly what and who we are – our Selves. The dream: I am flying and swooping in and around things, having fun. I’m laughing and singing while I fly. I see something down below me and I quit laughing and singing…now I’m on the ground looking at this thing that I was distracted by. I am not sure what it is – something happens and I startle myself awake.

Dream art: 2010

These pieces were created to express a dream: I am walking in this dark place, I hear trickling water, but I can’t seem to figure out where it is coming from. I sense a doorway to my right and I look and see it – and it is even darker than the place I’m walking in…I decide to not look in there. I continue to walk and I kneel and then lay on the floor and listen to the water within the floor.

Studio Update: Great Mother clay sculpture

The Great Mother sculpture has emerged – it is fired and it’s at my Poudre River Arts Center studio, ready to be experimented with. I would like to work with the surface in some way other than glaze. I’m not sure if I will experiment with encaustic paint, oil or acrylic paint, or something else. I really like it “naked” so who knows.  I think I’d like to have both silver to symbolize the Feminine and then maybe some gold (to symbolize the Masculine energies) for balance of the energies…or do I just have silver?

Since getting my sculpture back from the kiln, I have been dreaming about this piece.  Last night I placed a beautiful curvey branch on top of the sculpture, with the intention to attach two feathers at the end, to symbolize duality.  Then later I dreamed that I was sitting on that branch (of course it was exaggeratedly thinner and I/it was being pulled up in the air and it wasn’t comforting to know that I’m not sitting on much.  So I’m not sure if the dream was an endorsement of what I did with the sculpture so far or not.  The plan tonight, before I go to sleep, is to ask questions of my dreaming mind to figure out how I’m to work with this piece (dream incubation).  I have gotten helpful answers from my dreams before, so I’m hoping I will get some in the next few nights.    The rule of thumb is to pay attention  to dreams in the next 6 nights or so after incubating a dream.  So I’m thinking this sculpture will become a dream piece for the upcoming Artists in Dreamland exhibit in May. 

The Studio update: mosaic stool

I finished mosaicing a stool yesterday. Now it needs to sit for the glue to cure long enough. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. The picture featured to the right is the stool ungrouted.  I’ll be grouting it with a bright blue and paint the yellow knob a bright blue turquoise.  I will post a picture of the stool when it’s grouted.

I’m not sure I have talked about a commission that I got recently. An artist friend asked me to create AA’s symbol of recovery…a circle with a triangle inside the circle…in fused glass. I have been experimenting with fusing glass and casting glass. Tonight I’m fully fusing some circle-shaped glass with a copper triangle sandwiched inside. I will post my pictures when they are out of the kiln…hopefully they will look like I hope!

Two Dog Art Studio update and Artists in Dreamland 2011 update

I have 2 ceramic sculptures and several ceramic wall pieces ready to fire. The large sculpture is coil built and the small one is slab built. I think the large ceramic sculpture will be fired on Tuesday of next week. I also went to Mile Hi Ceramics in Denver to buy more clay – 100 pounds of my usual Flagstone and 25 pounds of Sculpture and Tile clay. I can’t wait to make something with the new clay – not to mention my Flagstone!! I will post pictures here soon!

I’m so excited to have so many awesome, talented artists who are interested in doing Artists in Dreamland in May. It looks like we will have a 12 person show. This year we have Star Edwards, Dee Dee Hampton, Suzy Foy, Shari Southard, Karen Endres, Mary McCauley, Gale Whitman, Laurie Gudim, Fran Saperstein, Carrie Johansing-Heintzleman, Barbara McCullough, and myself…all Colorado artists but our friend Fran Saperstein, who is from Arizona!!

Stay tuned for the developments here! You can also check out http://www.poudrestudioartists.com/news/event-calendar/ for more information about this show and other shows in the Poudre River Art Gallery!!