Window is done and so are the 3 pods

When I had the pond dream, I decided that I was going to express different aspects of the dreams in separate pieces.  I didn’t want to illustrate the pond or capture the dream as a whole.  Just as dreams are snapshots of the psyche and soul, I wanted to create snapshots of this dream.  So I created “Look deeply and remember” (2 pieces: mosaiced window and the ceramic pod), “Do you see what I see?”,  and “Where I came from and where I will return”.  The picture of the window as a work in progress. 

“Look deeply and remember” is the mosaiced window to express my looking deeply into the pond and when I got clarity.  The pond is a window to something I had forgotten, my source, my origins; it is something that I had to look into to find what I needed.  I mosaiced the window with cut and ground translucent stained glass, PMC pieces, and translucent fused glass, to create the feeling of being able to see into the pond I discovered in my dream.  I also added layers to give a feeling of dimensionality and depth.  I also wanted to be able to see through the layers of glass from both sides.  It is hanging in the Artists in Dreamland exhibit right now, but I’m thinking I may do more with the piece, to add light and perhaps more depth and dimensionality.

The three pods were created to explore inner life and outer life, and how they intersect and how they can be so different.  I used patina, acrylic and oil paint on their exteriors, to express the ordinary-ness of life before I discovered the pond in the dream. 

The interior of “Look Deeply and Remember” (below) was lined with gold and silver leaf (to symbolize the Masculine and Feminine) and then mosaiced with fused glass, fine silver pieces (PMC) and stone beads.  I created bubbles in the fused glass to represent the energy and clarity that the pond breathed into my life in the dream.  The fine silver sphere pieces represent wholeness and “seeds” of consciousness, life, energy, sense of direction, honesty, clarity, memory, and  potentiality. 

The inside of the second pod, “Do you see what I see?” (below) is also lined with gold and silver leaf to represent the Feminine and Mascline energies.  I created a number of fine silver pieces to express the beauty of the unmined, unexpressed gifts and strengths that reside in our unconscious, which get expressed in our dreams, Freudian slips, and artwork.  When I say they are beautiful and they are our gifts and strengths – I don’t mean to suggest that they will be pretty asthetically or acceptable to you…they can be downright ugly and dark…but that’s the beauty of wholeness.  If we express our wholeness, warts and all, we will be happier – and it is the key to our health and wholeness. 

The inner part of the third pod, “Where I came from and where I will return” (below), was painted in acrylic (with some gold and silver leaf to symbolize the Masculine and Feminine) to express the aspect of the dream when I knew the pond is my origins and I will return there someday.

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