The big kiln is ready!

A friend generously gave me a big kiln about two years ago.  It has sat in my basement, in my kiln room, waiting patiently for me to get my ducks in a row and do something with it.  I vacilated between what I needed to do first – do I have someone look at the kiln OR do I have an electrician come in to install an outlet?  When I sold a mosaic wall piece about a month ago, I decided that it was time to face the music and that meant having our electrician put an outlet put in so that I could test the kiln.  If I found tht it had problems, then I could have a kiln repairperson come in to fix it. 

On Monday our electrician came in and installed the outlet and then yesterday replaced a wired on the kiln since it seemed to be a bit warm when I fired the kiln up.  So now it’s time to take the plunge and bisque something.  I happen to have my 4th pod of the series I made this spring to express a dream.  It seems that I have my first guinea pig!

Have I mentioned that I have never bisqued anything before on my own?  I have done many things with clay and pottery, but I haven’t bisqued anything on my own before.  I have researched and read everything that I have been able to get my hands on, so now it’s time to JUST DO IT!  Yikes I’m nervous…and excited!  A new chapter in my move back into ceramics has begun!!