Mosaic! Batik! Tie dye! Las Vegas! Life is good!

I’m so excited – I have been batiking like a madwoman! I have been playing with yellows, oranges, greens and blues (robin egg blue and turquoise) so far. I have been experimenting with the tjanting tool and paint brushes to get the beeswax where I want it. I think I like painting it on better – I just can’t figure out how to make the tjanting tool to do what I want yet. I have also been tie-dyeing a dress and a shirt for our trip to Las Vegas. We leave tonight and I just finished the last color for the dress and it’s drying outside in my backyard right now. I sure hope it’s ready to pack at 5:30!! I will post pictures later.

I also created another mosaic yesterday. I used broken china from my artist friend Gale, broken dishes from another artist friend Jody, vintage buttons, nuts, bolts, beads, and some rusty stuff from the street. I seem to find all kinds of fun stuff when my hubby and I ride bikes on the weekends. I don’t have pictures of it yet but if you come to Poudre River Arts Center during gallery walk, you can see it and my other new one on the red wall upstairs. Pictures after we get back from Las Vegas!

Oh, did I mention we’re going to Las Vegas – leaving tonight at 9:30? I’m so excited – we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary there and it’ll be so much fun. Enjoy!!

A fun new mosaic

About 2 years ago, a  couple of artist friends happened to come across a bunch of tempered glass in the road and thought of me, gathered it up and brought a huge bag of it to our artist group for me to use.  So I brought my new treasure home and painted a board with acrylic and mica (I love glimmer!), glued the glass over it and grouted it.  I couldn’t seem to make up my mind up on what to do with it after that so I put it away.  As I was cleaning my studio a few days ago, I rediscovered it and began to play with some possibilities of a composition using vintage buttons, rusty gears and other rusty stuff I have been collecting while biking.  And this is what I came up with!  I guess I can say that this is a one-of-a-kind because I can’t find the buttons anywhere!