Two Golden mediums I want to try…

I sometimes use my acrylics like watercolor paints and they get a little too chalky looking cuz the polymers are broken down too much by the water so I’m hoping that the Golden Flow release will help with that.   According to Golden: Flow release breaks the surface tension of water, increasing its ability to soak into porous surfaces. This allows the acrylic painter to achieve rich stains on surfaces such as watercolor paper and unprimed canvas.

Acrylic retarder is another medium I just gotta try.  I think I would get the look I’ve been trying for in a couple of paintings. I have been using acrylic glazing medium to blend the blues, greens, and purples to create this ethereal look in a tunnel.  According to Golden, it is to keep your acrylic paints open longer (drying time) so I can try the wet-in-wet techniques. It could be what I need to create that blended ethereal look I’m trying for!

Once I get the mediums and play around with it for awhile, I will post pix.






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