Art and change

I worked as a therapist in mental health, helping people heal from abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, domestic abuse, etc for almost 20 years.  For my own inner work, I worked with Eva White Desert Eagle, to learn Shamanic ways and Ceremony to heal myself and to find my path – and then to guide others to do the same. I got certified in Projective Dreamwork through Jeremy Taylor’s program. I also completed the Life Coaching training with (can’t remember the name of the company based here in town).  And I was blessed to be a part of two different Wise women groups who did inner work and Ceremony to grow and heal ourselves and Mother Earth.  Ok – that’s my healing background in a nutshell.

I loved working with people, guiding them to wholeness and healing.  I saw that the “agent of change” – what created change  – was the relationship between the helper and the client. It was also me listening to and giving clients skills to deal with their challenges, working the dreams by talking about/interpreting them, etc. etc.  I also did a lot of Art therapy with women and children.

After a few years, I knew I still wanted to do healing work – and finding hope and the Light – but not with words anymore.  I wanted – and still want to create art that (hopefully) inspires viewers…to value dreams, consciousness, Shadow – and to find Hope.  Find Love and Light within. Relationship is still important to me – it’s now the relationship between the painting and the viewer that I’m more interested in now. When you interact with my painting, drawing, or glass piece – you are interacting with me of course.  I just let the piece of art speak now.  Art is the agent of change for me.  Love it!




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