Owning my Path

I was a counselor for nearly 20 years and I shifted into doing some Life Coaching and Projective Dreamwork for quite awhile, which was fun. Then I was called to “work” dreams/archetypes/personal symbology as well as do healing work through the creation of art.  I paint both abstract and some figurative work..and I fuse glass too.  Fusing glass is alchemical to me – and definitely magical – you put a combination of the base materials (glass, enamels, metals, micas etc) together then transform the glass in the kiln.  The fused glass – the “Gold” – is the beautiful, colorful result.  I love to share my fused glass with the birds and plants in my garden – as well as with my friends and clients.

It seems it’s time for me to claim my Path.  No more hiding – no more holding back – no more fear – no more doubt.  Another calling that I have kept to myself for years is Priestess work.  I listened but wasn’t sure where to look or start.  I have been asking for Guidance for a couple of years and I have recently found my answer.

I have been doing some Initiation work in the Tempe of 13 Moon Mystery School and my heart has opened up wide. I am where I am supposed to be.  I am hoping to be accepted into the 9 month Priestess Intiation program.  Fingers crossed.

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