Artist Statement:

I am an abstract painter, glass artist, and aspiring figure draw-er, if that’s even a word.  I took a class on drawing last semester, fell in love with drawing the human figure, so I am now taking figurative drawing this semester.  I am hoping to paint more realistic women in my abstracts…and maybe in my glass art as well.  Who knows.

My creative process involves painting many layers of colors, to reflect the many layers of ourselves that we have – and in our lives.  We are our private selves (that we sometimes share with our close friends),  our public selves that we share at work and at the grocery store, and our dream selves or our Essence (which the Buddhists call The Face Before We Were Born)…to me it’s out complete selves, the mundane joined with the Sacred Self.

I love the relationship that glass has with light.  When I create in glass, my intent is to play on its ability to reflect light, and its ability to be illuminated by light, mirroring the ability we have as human beings.  I also love to allow spaces of translucency in my glass art as a metaphor for our ability to look and see beyond the surface of what is in front of us…and our search for clarity.

My abstract acrylic paintings are much the same as my glass art.   I paint in many layers, textures, and images as a metaphor of consciousness, looking and seeing deeper, and finding treasures beyond what is face value.  It’s what Carl Jung called the Unconscious and the Collective Unconscious. It is our Essence, our Face before we were born.


I am very fortunate to be able to work out of my home studio where I am surrounded by a Sanctuary of home and garden filled with light, green lushness, flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds, and fountains…in the spring, summer and fall anyway.

We call our backyard “Merlyn’s Avalon”, after our sweet departed kitty who adored hanging out there.  Sadly I don’t have any pictures of him in his Avalon, but this is Merlyn in his undignified sweater that my daughter dressed him in.  He was such a tolerant kitty in some ways.  He was also broken when we adopted him – and when he moved with us to this house and was allowed to be in our backyard, Avalon, he healed so much of his brokeness.  I miss him a lot.

When I design and create my art, I am surrounded by my four sweet rescue dogs and studio guinea pig,  Miss Pig.  I know, not a very original name, but her first name didn’t stick for some reason.  I just love her energy in my studio.

The dog on the left is Tobey and Jake is the huge lab sleeping on his sister Missy.  And this is Finn…our loud and opinionated Chiweenie…but hey he lives with three large dogs…gotta be loud and proud!









When I am not painting, drawing, creating in glass, or gardening, my hubby and I run races and triathlons. And as my right knee has gotten worse, I am branching out into open water swim races.  Seems fitting these days – large bodies of water, symbolically, are Consciousness and the deeper we go the deeper we are into our Essence.  It feels like an Initiation – and going back to my roots in a way.