Mastering Shenpa


Food is nourishment and medicine – for feeding what the body needs.  When I worked with Eva White Desert Eagle years ago, she used the word “mouth hunger” to describe what I do – what we all do to a certain point I assume.  I “stuff” my feelings with chips and chocolate.  Heck there are times that I’m being conscious of what I’m eating (no refined sugars, milk products, or gluten) and I stuff my feelings with the Ok foods too.

I definitely am attached to food – my attachment looks like either overeating food or dieting/limiting food.  I use food for comfort, for something to do when I’m bored or sad…I could go on and on.  I use – or should I say mis-use food.  And this article talks about Shenpa (attachment and cravings) and mastering it.  Good plan (I hear Bridgit Jones’ voice when I type that haha).

I do want to find a way to master Shenpa – I would like to be free of it and have a healthy relationship with food.  Eat chocolate cuz it takes good.  Eat chips when I want something crunchy and salty.  Not when I am sad or bored or whatever.


Shenpa, attachment and craving… the lessons they teach us

Staying curious

It’s good to be curious, about many things … You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind …   ~ Mr. Rogers
Sometimes I feel like I have ADD…Attention Deficit Disorder…well really I flit – I am a flitter.  Flit from one idea to another, then back to the first, or to the next.  Or maybe I am just so damn curious…I do wonder a lot…if I do this or that, what would that look like in glass…or paint…or with some vintage stamps…well, you get the idea.  It makes my creative process more interesting.
I have a bazillion glass works in progress…I am working on at least 6 paintings in my studio….I am amassing a collection of vintage stamps for an idea that is still percolating…AND I am waiting for my soap making supplies to show up today so I can make a new batch of soap tomorrow. Good thing it’s too cold and frozen outside cuz I would be flitting outside in my garden!
I do get things done but I think it’s a slower process than I would like.  Do I want to change? Do I wish I could be different? Maybe.  I would be more productive and I would have a larger body of work (paintings) to have when I approach a gallery, which is one of my long term goals.  But I also like to experiment and try stuff out to see if I like it, if it communicates what I want to communicate.  And curiosity fits into that equation…at least that’s what I tell myself.
So I guess what I am saying is that I will stay curious…try new techniques, try new mediums, cuz you just might fall in love with something else new and things even more interesting.  When I get to an art supply store I am going to get some Flow Release to try some new ideas for my paintings!