Winter Solstice and Change

This morning as my hubby and I walked out of our athletic club, we noticed it was a little darker than usual. I got so excited! We’re about at the Winter Solstice, the shortest day (and darkest) of the year, return of the light, and hope. 

Usually we celebrate the Winter Solstice by making a special meal and burning tons of candles to symbolize bringing the light back.   This year I’m thinking we will also celebrate an ending and a new beginning in my hubby’s worklife.  In August, my hubby was told that his job was eliminated as of the end of the year; he has worked for the company for the last 15 years.  It has been a bit of a “dark” time for us as we worried about the future.  Will we be okay?  Will he find a job?     

Fortunately, there are jobs in the area,  and he has been interviewing for two different jobs in the last couple of weeks.  This morning he meets with one business for the 4th time and this afternoon he meets with the other business for the 3rd time.  So we’re hoping he will have two job offers to consider.  We can see and feel the return of the light and hope.   

So as we head out of the dark times and begin to emerge into the light and hope for the future, what do you want for yourself and your family?