Empty nesting and…finding a new rhythm

Today is really the first day of being at home exclusively, with no kids at home, and wondering what I was thinking when I let the studio at Poudre River Art Center go. I think I will be wondering that until I find my new rhythm.

I do have direction – I will be painting, fusing glass and working in ceramic clay here. In fact I will fire the Goddess sculpture again with more glass and work on a couple of paintings today.

I found an article about transforming your body to transform your life. I know that’s true cuz my life and I did transform when I lost 45 pounds. It totally changes you and your life – I have more energy, love for life, and love/respect for myself.

So as I transform my life, I will transform myself once again. Or will it be the other way around?

Moving on and opening up…

Tomorrow the movers move the slab roller from my studio in the art center, to my garage studio. I will vacuum the floor and then turn my keys in. Then I begin my journey…that sounds so hokey but that’s how it feels right now.

My intention for my journey is to reconnect to Spirit and my deepest Self and to be open…through stillness, time alone…in my studio, in nature, in my garden…with my mentor…and fellow artists when it fits.

As wonderful as my experience at the art center has been, I found myself involved in things that ended up being distractions. I spent so much time and energy on trying to make the artist organization work, make Artists in Dreamland work for 5 shows, and so much more. I’m not pointing fingers or blaming anyone but myself. It was totally my own doing and now I choose to invest my time and energy in my art and spiritual life.

So I read that focusing on a more open and Spirit-centered life has a steep cost…really? Does it have to? Well I guess I will find out soon enough!!

Happy New Year!

I love New Years…it’s about hope and optimism…creating change, hope and plans for the new and something better. The other side is ending of the old, outdated, and unwanted. The endings are the hard part because it can be hard to let go of the old stuff. One of the endings is that my friend is leaving Poudre Studio Artists – in fact we helped her move out of her studio today.

As sad as endings are, we can let go of the things that don’t work for us anymore and joyfully embrace the change that awaits us, just as my friend is doing in her life right now.  She listened to her heart and now she is doing what she feels called to do.  Change is hard – but it’s an essential part of life and it’s what we need to grow as human beings and artists. 

So Happy New Year!  Enjoy all of the inevitable endings and awesome new beginnings!!

Winter Solstice and Change

This morning as my hubby and I walked out of our athletic club, we noticed it was a little darker than usual. I got so excited! We’re about at the Winter Solstice, the shortest day (and darkest) of the year, return of the light, and hope. 

Usually we celebrate the Winter Solstice by making a special meal and burning tons of candles to symbolize bringing the light back.   This year I’m thinking we will also celebrate an ending and a new beginning in my hubby’s worklife.  In August, my hubby was told that his job was eliminated as of the end of the year; he has worked for the company for the last 15 years.  It has been a bit of a “dark” time for us as we worried about the future.  Will we be okay?  Will he find a job?     

Fortunately, there are jobs in the area,  and he has been interviewing for two different jobs in the last couple of weeks.  This morning he meets with one business for the 4th time and this afternoon he meets with the other business for the 3rd time.  So we’re hoping he will have two job offers to consider.  We can see and feel the return of the light and hope.   

So as we head out of the dark times and begin to emerge into the light and hope for the future, what do you want for yourself and your family?